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Transmission Drive & Chains

Transmission/Drive Chains:

Chain drives are most commonly used to transmit power between two shafts that are some distance apart.

Chain drive is a type of Power Transmission arrangement that uses chains to transfer power from one place to another. A conventional chain drive consists of two or more sprockets and the chain itself.

One of the main advantages over a belt drive is that a chain drive maintains a constant speed ratio due to its “NO slip” feature. The only losses in a chain drive are due to friction between the chain links components and the sprocket.

Common examples are bikes, agricultural machinery, compressors, engine camshafts, etc. All these applications use chain drives for power transmission.

What we offer?

We at 3S Engineering Solutions can offer variety of Chains. Our technical knowledge can help not only in designing a new Chain drive but also in improving the chain service life.

In case you want a new chain drive to for your equipment or if you want to improve the service life of your existing Chain, you are at the right place - please feel free to contact us. Along with the technical support, we serve our customers with High Quality products from the world’s best known manufacturers. The Contact us for Products & solutions in all types of Drive Chains.