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A Pulley is a device which transmits power between axles/shafts by the use of a belt (V or Timing or Flat Belt). A belt drive must have at least & typically two pulleys – a Driver & a Driven- both connected securely to their respective shafts.

A pulley can be a V-Pulley if used with a V-Belt or a Timing Pulley if used with a timing belt. So based on type of belt, it can be:

  • V-Pulley
  • Timing Pulley
  • Ribbed Pulley
  • Round Pulley
  • Flat Pulley


We can offer pulleys based on drawings & samples (for non-standard designs, MOQ applies). Apart from Pilot Bore, we can offer Finished bore or Taper Bushed type pulleys.

The features of our pulleys are:
  • Made from High-Quality Cast-Iron grade FG260.
  • Balanced to ISO 1940 Standard.
  • Surface protected with CED Coating.
  • Deliveries within 2-3 weeks
  • Supported with Drawings.

In case you are looking for High Quality pulleys for your machine, please do contact us.