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Locking/Power Lock/Shrink Disc

Locking/Power Lock/Shrink Disc:

The main function of a locking assembly is the safe connection of a shaft to a hub by means of friction. For example, between a shaft and a gear hub. The locking assembly creates a play-free connection by expanding between the shaft and the hub. This type of connection is used mainly for transmitting torque. It is installed by inserting the locking assembly between the components and the subsequent tightening of the screws. By using conical surfaces, the outer diameter increases and the inner diameter reduces. Radial pressure is built up. The clamping forces are provided and controlled by the screws. This allows the direct compensation of the clearance between shaft and hub.

Benefits of using a locking assembly:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast installation
  • Simple disassembly
  • Long service life
  • Materials based on Application
  • Capabilities

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